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Here’s my story…

I’m only 43 but had a fall while moving a couch about 6 years ago that herniated a disk high up on the lumbar part of my spine. The nerve termination points at that nerve level effect the lower hip, upper thigh and groin. So imagine 6 years of feeling like you were kicked in the jewels. The muscle and joint pain then and now are being treated with Oxycodone, but now I use it as needed versus chronic dosing and I unsuccessfully tried to treat the nerve pain with tramadol.

Neither drug was really effective for the chronic nerve pain. So I spoke with my primary care doctor, I was very scared to even bring up the topic out of fear I’d be labeled a druggie and shipped to a pain clinic. To my surprise she was very receptive to it, despite the fact she was never a user of marijuana herself, and her practice was not allowed to provide recommendations. So I went to a “pot doc” and got my license about a year ago, and started the experiment. As a 43 year old “suit” with a 6 year old. Smoking was very limited but helpful at night for sleep and pain relief. Edibles at that time were never tested, so you never knew what dose you were actually taking despite
some rudimentary labeling.

Then I found Mountain High Suckers, these are real medicine that I believe any thinking doctor would allow. I love the fact Mountain High Suckers are made to be high in CBD (non-psychoactive, unlike THC) right from the get go and every batch is tested and each sucker labeled with a detailed breakdown (being a science geek I love this). Finally I have a product I can tell my doctor and boss exactly how it will affect me. My doctor was amazed that I was able to drastically drop my oxycodone dose (for muscle/joint pain) and go to an “as needed basis”, we also stopped the tramadol. My work performance has also improved since I’m not looped out on oxycodone anymore. But some
may argue I must be getting some type of “stoned”, that may be so, but I’m better off than jacked up on oxycodone all day. Plus, I only need 1 or 2 suckers a day and I split them in half as a normal dose. These suckers are the best edible I’ve found. So if you have any type of nerve pain you MUST try these, they are also effective on the muscle/joint pain too as evidenced by my drop in oxycodone.

Plus after speaking with the owner, he said they are creating suckers with even higher CBD ratios in them, which equals less of a stoned feel and perfect for work.

Thank you Mountain High Suckers for creating standardized medical marijuana product I’d recommend for pain to
anyone, pot user or not.



I’d like to take a moment to thank you for helping me sleep! I had a heart attack two years ago that I was given 3 stents and lost 20% of my heart function. After having a heart attack most people are put on blood thinners, blood pressure pills, and more; myself included. The problem is I cannot sleep taking these medicines, but I cannot not take them and die.

My doctor prescribed Ambien but with 20% heart function loss I wasn’t excited about this option. I needed to sleep so I tried Ambien but still never got a full night of sleep. It made me feel like I was hung over the next morning.

A friend gave me one of their suckers to try. Long story short, problem solved. I keep one by my bed and when I can’t fall asleep I turn on my TV timer, suck on a lollipop about 5 minutes and prepare for a great night of sleep. I may not be one of your best customers since one sucker lasts me over a week but I sure appreciate what your company produces.

M./Aurora, CO

Dear Mountain High Suckers:

While in my 40’s I had a horrid surgery that apparently moved a blood clot that hit my brain causing 2 bleeds or better known as a stroke. I had so much pressure built up on my optic nerve from the bleeds on my brain I could only see what one would see looking through a straw. I had to sit erect in bed, while 90% blind for MONTHS.

During this time, I was prescribed massive blood pressure medicines (at one time I was taking 5 different kinds of BP meds), steroids that not only packed on over 30 pounds in under 3 weeks but left me wide awake 23.5 hours out of 24 hours for over 10 months. I couldn’t sleep so of course the cure for that is “prescribe MORE MEDS, and pain… enough pain meds that I honestly could have overdosed 2 horses. Looking back now, I honestly do not know how I did NOT overdose.

Once my sight began to return, I was able to get out of bed and move around. I was so excited to be allowed to move, however, the pain in my legs and back from lying in bed for 10 months was unbearable. I refused taking any more pharmaceuticals for possible “FALL factor” from how loopy & nauseas they made me plus I had to gear up to return to work and there’s no way I can perform in the corporate world while on prescription pain meds.

I returned to work and sitting at a desk 9 – 10 hours a day escalated my atrophy pain to EXCRUCIATINGLY UNBEARABLE. To shuffle from my car, through the garage and to my seriously brought tears of pain to my eyes. One day my daughter was at my house and witnessed this. She suggested I try one of your suckers that she swears by to relieve menstrual pain. I did not have to work the next day so I figured WHY NOT… I haven’t smoked pot for over 30 years (and honestly never liked it very much) but my daughter was so adamant this would help ease my pain I tried it.

All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!… That was THE best I felt in many years, and the most peaceful sleep I had as well. The next day I was totally rested, relaxed and almost totally pain free!!!! I now carry your hard tack candy with me at all times. When my head begins to throb I feel much more confident to suck on one of your hard candy pieces vs. polluting my systems with pharmaceuticals. I love the way it simply relaxes the skin over my skull, my back and leg muscles and allows me to PAIN and DRUG free!!!

First off, I’m a 30 year old with stage 3 colorectal cancer, and with treatments, a lot of day plain sick. But I’ve been introduced to Mountain High Suckers and by far the best suckers I have had. They have some that are with THC and others with more CBD and I love that kind because it helps with appetite, nausea, pain and just being able to sleep. The flavors are awesome and sometimes I love to add a sucker to some coffee or tea and that really helps.

Thanks, Mountain High Suckers. Keep up the awesome work.
Josh B.